Review: The Onion Movie

I have always been entertained by The Onion, they provide some interesting political satire. So when it was announced they were going to make a movie about it I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out to be more of their usual and entertaining sarcasm. Think The Daily Show but turned into a very funny movie with Steven Segal in parts of the movie, a lot of dry humor that keeps the laugh goings. Don’t expect an Oscar for this movie, but if you want to laugh then this is the choice.

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  1. I read the onion regularly as its one of the feeds in my reader … sometime they have these hilariously funny articles

  2. I love mockumentaries and this one sounds quite hilarious. Confetti is a one mockumentary that made me roll on the floor. You might like it but I’m not quite certain if you’ll find in enjoyable.

  3. something to look forward to I guess

  4. Dave

    This movie IS NOT FUNNY!

    The jokes are crap, the jokes are seriously offensive and old

    0/10 for me

  5. Angelo: Will check it out!

    Ansam: yup

    Dave: really, I thought it was pretty funny, to each his own :)

  6. CyberTech

    I saw “The onion movie – uncut” last night and it is, without a shadow of a doubt, the funniest movie I can recall seeing. I’m nearly 40, so toilet humour does nothing for me, but this movie manages to offend almost every possible race, religion and sexual preference there is. And I’m not saying that as a negative for a second.
    I’m a politically incorrect, sarcastic sort of person so this movie suits my style (and my wives’) to a T. We both sat watching it with (at some times) tears in our eyes from laughing. You seriously cant turn your attention away from it for a second as there is SO much going on, not just in the foreground but also in the background too. I’m sure you could watch The Onion Movie several times and still pick up bits you missed before. Thats something I havent been able to say about a movie since Flying High (Airport for the U.S. readers) from the early 80’s. And who do I find in the credits, other than David Zucker, co-director of Flying High (not to mention the Naked Gun movies) so those who loved those movies for their slapstick, dry, politically-incorrect humour should love The Onion Movie.
    With my hand on my heart, I can honestly give this movie a 9 out of 10. It only misses out on the last point because its not long enough (its normal movie length, but I would have happily sat though twice the length).

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