XSMG XSR48 Speedboat

I’m not much of a boat person, but I do like being in the water. This boat can be considered a speed demon on the water, the XSR48 Speedboat from XSMG, its a 48-foot boat packing a 2000 bhp two bi-turbo diesel engines, making it a very fast machine with a stablization and propulsion system meant to handle this insane amount of power. No price has been specified but I know this has to be pricy when its out. And the interior is just as mondern and nice as the exterior with all the bells and whistles of modern technology.

Link: XSMG

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  1. Aliman

    Been on it and its phenomenal, took it out for a test about a year ago in Monaco and it blows your socks off, its about a cool Million Pounds, but it is the fastest production Boat at about 70 knots and the seats are pieces of art where you can drop the seats so that you are left there standing while being strapped in with the 7 point harness.
    Insaneeee boat we were flying off waves (as it was a bit wavy out there ) and hitting 2 meter airs, an out of this world experience!

  2. The other day I was in a boat simulating room and it was SO MUCH FUN

  3. Aliman: That is nuts! What a boat, I would like to try it out!

    Laialy: Where is that room? And what did you do?

  4. HK

    Check out composite mouldings website. They fit out the carbon fibre interior!

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