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Eyeshield 21

Eyeshield 21 has been an anime for American Football Players and it just keeps getting better. I was stuck on Episode 87 for the longest time waiting for a new subber to get into the picture. Until a full pack was released by torrent leech and I managed to get all the episodes up to episode 127, I have been following Eyeshield 21 for the past few years and it is going to be tough knowing that such a good anime is coming to an end. The last episode at this point is episode 145 and knowing that I’m close to the end just doesn’t feel right, it is one hell of adventure watching these guys develop as an American Football team and I want to see them keep growing, I have been watching since 2005 and now it has come to an end in 2008. I still haven’t caught up to the end of it, but its still tough knowing its going to end.

Link: AnimeNewsNetwork