Review: Loaded

This seemed like an interesting movie, a man who has his life together and aiming for a career. There was a period in his life that he wishes he didn’t go through but its in his past until he meets some women and some of his old friends. Things take a turn for the worse from that point onwards. This movie is not worth viewing at all, it is 1.25 hours of my life that I can not recover, I’m happy at least for the last third of the movie I just started jumping through and stopping at scenes which might seem interesting. Nothing more can be said, just avoid this movie. This isn’t a straight to DVD movie, its straight to trash period.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lol that must have really sucked.

  2. I actually saw the trailer for this and thought it looked cheap… cheap acting… etc…. b3dain even the story felt like wuh…?!

  3. Well, with a movie title like that, I’m not surprised. Thanks for warning us from watching a dreadful movie.

  4. N: Horrible!

    Laialy: do remember!

    Hamitaf: yup! But there is one hottie!

    Angelo: no problem!

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