Rihab Visit

So I went to Rihab on Friday since it was early in the day and I felt like checking out the new games out. It was windy as hell and as usual there was very little parking, so I fond a good parking spot on the side walk which didn’t block anyone. I went in and I remembered that the Kuwaiti Center closed down from 3baid‘s post, but I wanted to see if Abdulbasit really was gone.

When I walked to the first floor I saw the door open to the Kuwaiti Center, but when I walked in, I didn’t know anyone there. For years I was going there, but it seems things changed. I checked out a few games and bought two games, but they weren’t even giving deals to people. At that point I asked what happened to the people who were here before, he said one guy went to Canada and another guy retired, which didn’t make sense, but I played along bought my games and left.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Rockwell

    is METAL GEAR SOLID 4 one of the games u brought?
    if so, is it ENGLISH version or JAPANESE???
    please tell me too, coz i am looking forward to buy one.
    thank ya

  2. They never tell you the truth about people who left! It happens all the time

  3. Every time you right a post with the title Rihab, i read it as Rehab, and go LIKE WHAT!!!

  4. From Rihab to Canada, how much were they paying him again? God i never went to Rihab in a century, i decided to never go there, just stick to Amazon, there’s a bad aura that surrounds that place. Did you know they found two guys dead in the bathroom there from an overdose? When they told me about it i was like “i knew it! I always had a bad feeling about that place, now i found a reason.” But some good old memories are there too, days of buying Ranma 1/2 videos from that video store in the ground floor, and buying Detective Conan videos too then buying dinner from KFC Hawaly then watching it, it used to make my whole day. Also the days of Super Nintendo diskettes, they couldn’t burn games on CDs back then so they put them in diskettes, and you had to buy that 2 feet tall floppy disk drive and shove it on top of the console just to play the diskettes on the Super Nintendo. It was cutting edge technology.

  5. Abdlurasit ! isnt that guy the Hardcore Germany football national team Fan ??

    did he really traveled to Canada ?

    things really changed there , i don’t like going there cause of the what i call ” el Mojtama3 ely hnak ” :)

  6. Marzooog i know u r writing a post right now. listen didnt we agree on calling yaser today . lol answer me back immdiatly

  7. Q80 In Denver

    I don’t know Abdulbasit :p but really if I go to Rehab center, there is one place to go .. Game Center 3end Sha3ban .. Hands Down! :)

  8. offmyhead

    wow. thats some tight jeans. nice ass.

  9. maryam

    I took my brother a while back and cursed him for making me do it … it changed a lot from the time we used to go there to get games … a smoking chimney … I liked it better back in the days

  10. Wow, the complex doesn’t look crowded as usual. I bet you went there during morning times :P

    Canada? Didn’t 3baid said he is opening new store in Shuwa5 or something?

  11. omar al dosari

    rockwell, i got news for you man, i ain’t no metal gear solid fan but trust me, i think it is so not worth it. i don’t know what the hell i’m gonna do with it now, r u willin to buy it used. and btw, they sell an NTSC version and a european. the NTSC is 5 kd more expensie because the sales-men think that it has better graphics which is so not true, it only supports a higher resolution, so if you wanna get it, get the european version.

  12. rockwell: didn’t get it, I just got two other games!

    Ansam: yup!

    3baid: where is it?

    Laialy: loooooooooool!

    The M Code: It does have its bad part, and it does have its good, you can’t help loving it!

    Laziale: no clue, not sure, lol I know what you mean!

    Monichum: shutup!

    Q80 In Denver: Game Center, is that in the middle? If it is, the guy is a robber!

    offmyhead: lol

    maryam: it used to be a lot cleaner, now it feels filthy!

    Angelo: 3baid has the story right, and I went early!

    omar: not my type of game!

  13. Q80 In Denver

    offfff Laish?? I actually knew the guy for years and he gives me really really good deals comparing it to the others in Rihab complex.

  14. Omran

    Can anyone tell me where cud i find a good graphics card in kuwait.. I specifically want the Msi 9600GSO or 8600GTS

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