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Rihab Visit

So I went to Rihab on Friday since it was early in the day and I felt like checking out the new games out. It was windy as hell and as usual there was very little parking, so I fond a good parking spot on the side walk which didn’t block anyone. I went in and I remembered that the Kuwaiti Center closed down from 3baid‘s post, but I wanted to see if Abdulbasit really was gone.

When I walked to the first floor I saw the door open to the Kuwaiti Center, but when I walked in, I didn’t know anyone there. For years I was going there, but it seems things changed. I checked out a few games and bought two games, but they weren’t even giving deals to people. At that point I asked what happened to the people who were here before, he said one guy went to Canada and another guy retired, which didn’t make sense, but I played along bought my games and left.