Crappy Alienware Battery

I do enjoy lugging a laptop around but the main problem I have with it is the battery. This is specifically with my Alienware laptop, and this has been the case with all of them, and I have been through 3 Alienware laptops over the past 6 years. And this one has reached its crappy limit, the laptop performs well and handles multiple applications without issues, and the best part about these laptops is the lack of what is called Bloatware (Preinstalled Applications). But at this point if I take the laptop off I only have 20 to 30 minutes of battery life which is insane, and even with a spare its down a lot, the problem now is getting a spare or new battery. They have excellent performing machine but the battery life always suck over some time and it cripples the mobility of the machine, thats its only downfall.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. All laptops have crappy batteries.. Even the good ones die after a few months!

  2. Q80 In Denver

    I used to have Alienware Laptop .. sold it after 2 months of using! like u said, it performs wonderfully but my problem was the Frickin WEIGHT! 6al3lee Six-Pack bsebeta :p got a dell XPS afterwards..

  3. Layan

    I have an alienware (m9700) i love it bas its 17 inch oo il kills my back fa I dont take it with me when i travel I use my other laptops instead (I have 4 >.< I cant help it im addicted to technology) bas the battery life isnt so bad its about 2 hrs or a bit less. What model do u have?

  4. Quakebox

    what model did you have? m15x or m17x ?

  5. Ruby Woo: But this one is just crappy!

    Q80 In Denver: The Dell XPS are looking good!

    Layan: I have the 14.1 inch model, its about 1.5 years old, but still just horrible battery!

    Quakebox: Those came later, this was just before them, the 14.1″ model, I think 1.5 years ago it was available.

  6. I got an m9700 about a year and a half ago and only recently did my battery life to heavily decrease and my power cord is starting to fray a bit. I’ve been trying and searching for a while and I can’t seem to find spares.

  7. Mackdaddy

    Here it is July ’09 and still not able to find a battery for my Alienware M9750! WHat is going on here. I have maybe 5 minutes before it shuts down. I think I have a thin desktop now. I am very disappointed. Called Support and my warranty went out in April… No Sympathy from them. They sent me to a site that hasn’t had a replacement battery in stock for over a month now. anybody have luck finding one?

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