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Crappy Alienware Battery

I do enjoy lugging a laptop around but the main problem I have with it is the battery. This is specifically with my Alienware laptop, and this has been the case with all of them, and I have been through 3 Alienware laptops over the past 6 years. And this one has reached its crappy limit, the laptop performs well and handles multiple applications without issues, and the best part about these laptops is the lack of what is called Bloatware (Preinstalled Applications). But at this point if I take the laptop off I only have 20 to 30 minutes of battery life which is insane, and even with a spare its down a lot, the problem now is getting a spare or new battery. They have excellent performing machine but the battery life always suck over some time and it cripples the mobility of the machine, thats its only downfall.