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Review: Butterfly on a Wheel

This was an unexpected movie, it felt like James Bond versus King Leonidas, but I was a bit disappointed with Leonidas. Gerard Butler has the perfect family, a great job, and things are looking great. He plans a retreat soon with his boss, he takes his wife out for the day and things takes a turn for the worse as Brosnan takes a hold of them and their lives. Maria Bello plays the wife and I think she is very attractive, and pulls of this role perfectly. Its strange seeing these actors in these roles but some how they all pull it off. The story comes together, and the movie is very enjoyable but there is just something missing from the movie, I’m not sure what, you just feel that it could have been better. Overall its an enjoyable movie and if you like Brosnan that you would like this movie, gets your blood pumping.

Link: IMDB