Torrent Peak

I always try to organize my downloads, and they do get organized once I have finished my downloads. And that lasts a maximum of a day or two, then things get messed up once again when I add to the download list. I have been downloading a lot of anime these days, and I always download the latest HD movies out there, no matter how old. Another issue I’m facing right now is my torrent uploads, I have to leave my torrents on to keep my ratio up, and it has reached the point where my hard drive has gotten filled without me noticing it. So I have a few porblems now, my files are all messed up and need reorganization, and now my main hard drive is filled up and it only has 7.95 GB left from 698 GB (750 GB Drive).

HD Movies I’m downloading:

  • Batman Begins 1080P
  • The Spiderwick Chronicles 720P
  • Be King Rewing 720P
  • Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade 720P
  • Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark 720P
  • HULK 1080P

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  1. Sami

    Hey Marzouq, how do you play the HD movies, ‘cos I want to try playing it thru my ps3.

  2. Waleed

    I have the same problem with the hard drive capacity but I tend to delete the torrent with the least leachers to keep up the space

  3. DVLz

    On your pc you can play HD rips using vlc or media player classic (codecs needed). Those HD rips come in a .MKV format, just so that you know if your pc or laptop has low specs then you won’t be able to play it properly. You will be able to play it but the sound will be ahead of the video images. As for PS3 I haven’t really played with it that much but I think it works the same way.

  4. amk

    which program do u use?

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