Starting a Modeling Carear from the Apple Store

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Now this girl has really worked all the tools she has in front of her. You always hear about how things are in New York, and she is really living her dream or trying to achieve to be exact. The best part of it is that she didn’t have a computer when she started her carear and so she used the Apple store for all her Scheduling needs, and all her info.

Link: Valleywag

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. DVLz

    Once when I was in Chicago to be more precise Michigan Ave. I went to the Apple Store and started looking for the computers section. Once I had a computer in front of me I surfed the internet using ugly safari browser, then using Google maps to locate a certain store in the same area, once I found the address I left.

    As I always say “It’s better to be a Pc User than a Mac Loser”.

  2. It’s only a matter of time before she uses it to login to something and then somebody else deletes her account XD

  3. dont you mean CAREER
    i think you mis-spelt it

  4. Wow, now that’s a pretty hectic life.

    Fries from the McDonald’s dollar menu and a banana! I’m gonna try it out and see if it really gets me though the day.

  5. Been with different modeling agencys throught my life and ready too move on..

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