MV Agusta Brutale 989R

I can’t help loving the artwork of these Italian machines, they just keep making more and more of these beautiful machines. MV Agusta now has the Brutale 989R which produces 142 bhp at 185 Kg dry weight, this machine can fly. Now MV Agusta is coming out with the 1078R, I don’t even know how this machine is supposed to be. The last version of this machine has had its fuel delivery smooth out so that it isn’t choppy as it was before. I always love the way those Italian twins deliver power.

Link: fasterandfaster

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  1. Desmo

    Al Jumaa has a demo why don’t you give it a test ride, they claim it rides like no other bike..!!!

    Not sure what they meant by that ..i didn’t have the chance to try it yet.

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