Western Digital My Book Mirror

I am a fan of Western Digital Hard Drives, but a fan of their External Drives. I keep hearing stories of their failure, but even though I have had a 500 GB WD External with no issues. Now they have came out with the My Book Mirror.

My Book Mirror is a dual-drive unit with Raid 1 for redundancy or Raid 0 for performance. You can get the 1TB model for $290 or the 2TB model for $550. If you run them in Raid 1 mode then the storage space is halfed, not Raid 1 with 2TB worth of space. The only bad part is that is USB only, but a really good feature is that the drives are replacable and there are no fans on this unit because the hard drive has low power consumption and so requires little cooling.

This is a good solution for people looking Raid back up in their setup. Drive space keeps getting cheaper and cheaper.

Link: Crave

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  1. Yabeelah.. :p
    Movies and shows are taking up waaay too much space…
    Just maxed out three 320 GB G-Drive Q’s + a 120 GB LaCie portable drive..
    I’m thinking of getting a couple of those 1TB Apple Time Capsules..

    I have a question Z.. through your personal experience, which ISP would you recommend? [for speedy downloads+overall functionality].
    United Networks 2MB ultimate subscription seems like a good deal..
    What do you think?

  2. maryam

    I got a WD, so far no problems. But why is it USB only weird they don’t have a network model! Large space drives are meant to be shared, easiest&fastest way is through network.

  3. i am a fan to, i have a 160 gb portable external drive and it is working perfectly, they hold all my files and at a very reasonable price, i got my 160gb portable drucve for 29 kd and it is hard to find a hard drive at this price, now all i need is a 500 gb to fit all my movies :P

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