MOI – Kiosk

It has been over two months since they said this machine has been launched, and over two years since they said they would do it. We were walking in the Avenues and saw the MOI machine in operations and decided to try it. As an idea of the service it isn’t a bad idea, but overall I think its lacking a lot.

  • The keyboard isn’t functional, you can only use the touch screen
  • Only violation payments are possible
  • Its really really ugly, they could have taken it to any Industrial Design Engineer to make it look better
  • It prints on full A4 paper for your receipt
  • The payment works and you can pay your fines except for very high speed fines
  • You have to go through the KNET payment gateway to pay for your fines and they charge you an extra 500 fils
  • The cash acceptor doesn’t work

After all this time to work on this machine and they came out with this result its a big disappointment. They could have done a much better job and launched it a lot earlier.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Do they have the most recent fines that you have or do they have the ancient ones from two year ago like the website…?!

  2. Wow , the look ! Just what the classic cult Sci-fi movies predicted what the artificial intelligence (AKA Computers) gona look like in the year 2000 :)

  3. Industrial Design Engineer = Industrial Designer

  4. jewaira

    Very interesting concept and I’m glad you checked it out. Wish they had tested it first though on people like you

  5. maryam

    Who The Hell approves these things!

  6. You just need to take a look at the iPod to know that its designer > engineer

  7. Haven’t you heard, touch-screen technology is soooooooo next-Gen :P

    But seriously, that thing sure needs some serious modifications.

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