Review: 21

I was always hearing some buzz around this movie, but I never really looked into the reviews. I always liked Kevin Spacey movies and didn’t think this would be very different. Its about how some MIT super Black Jack team took the Las Vegas Casinos for all they had through their perfect system. They were good with numbers and Black Jack is figuring out these numbers to win. Kevin Spacey is the great professor at MIT, and he works with some of the geniuses to make this team. The movie is very interesting but it feels like it just didn’t piece well together, there was a lot to say and a lot going on but I felt that movie could have been done a lot better. It was entertaining but nothing special.

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  1. 3 blocks only … it seemed like a pretty good movie from its previews :/

  2. Q8 In Denver

    I came to this movie with a low expectation .. I was surprised that it was actually good and entertaining!


  3. watch the real documentary its called breaking vegas

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