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I figured I would pay through the MOI Kiosk for my fines, I was curious to see what I had. I remember that I had a few speeding ones but I wasn’t sure if I was caught. There is a rule stating that if two cars are adjacent to each other when the camera goes off they throw out the picture because they wouldn’t know which car it is. I always tend to be speeding in the other lanes and not in the left lane, just a habit that has helped keep me below the radar.

The funny part is the fines I did have:

  • Illegal parking 5 KD
  • Parking on sidewalk 10 KD
  • Illegal parking 5 KD
  • Parking in restricted area 10 KD
  • Speeding 30km/h above speed limit 30 KD

If it is 30 above the speed limit they just fine you, if it is 40 km/h they take your license. I have seemed to have found the fine line and managed to keep myself out of too much trouble.