I figured I would pay through the MOI Kiosk for my fines, I was curious to see what I had. I remember that I had a few speeding ones but I wasn’t sure if I was caught. There is a rule stating that if two cars are adjacent to each other when the camera goes off they throw out the picture because they wouldn’t know which car it is. I always tend to be speeding in the other lanes and not in the left lane, just a habit that has helped keep me below the radar.

The funny part is the fines I did have:

  • Illegal parking 5 KD
  • Parking on sidewalk 10 KD
  • Illegal parking 5 KD
  • Parking in restricted area 10 KD
  • Speeding 30km/h above speed limit 30 KD

If it is 30 above the speed limit they just fine you, if it is 40 km/h they take your license. I have seemed to have found the fine line and managed to keep myself out of too much trouble.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Aliman

    Saw it in the avenues and typed in my civil ID number and got a bunch a fines that sound kind of suspicious! does this also cover the speeding tickets from the flashing camera radars? and when it tells you about illegal parking how can you be sure about what they claim when you dont have an actual ticket?

  2. Based on your fines, it seems speeding isn’t your thing or that you are very cautious on not going over the speed limit, which is a good thing.

    Need some practice in parking at the right spot though :P

  3. I just paid a few months ago, I’m reluctant to check now.. but we’ll see hopefully the record should be clean.

    lol thats a lot of parking violations.

  4. I have a feeling that once my dad goes to check the fines elee 3alay…. IM GONNA BE IN TROUBLE!!

    I am darn sure that I have a traffic light ticket.. UH OH!

  5. maryam

    I’m not sure you should be giving hints on how to avoid speed radars, mo naqseen ;) driving here is crazy enough as it is!!

  6. Angelo:
    More like its because he doesn’t have a plates on the front of his car ..

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