Headset Roundup

I have had a chance for a while now to try out different headsets over the years, and I thought I would just post up my basic thoughts on these headsets, not a real thorough review but at least to stay away from a few headsets out there.

Jabra JX10


Small and useless, sound quality just horrible

Jabra BT135


Very bad quality sound and has trouble connecting sometimes

Jabra BT 250


One of my favorite headsets, fantastic sound quality, long battery life, and comfortable fit

Jabra BT 2020


A good bluetooth headset, good fit, comfortable, but a bit slow to react to phone calls

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970


Great quality headset, good sound, long battery life, and caller ID

Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435a


Excellent headset, good battery life, clear sound, and very comfortable

Sony Ericsson HBH-IV840


Good sound quality, but doesn’t hold onto the ear when walking around, short battery life.

Nokia BH-602


The quality was low, short battery life, and interference in bluetooth connection.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!

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  1. Aliman

    I see you have no review for the Jawbone you have pictured! It really is the best! well If anyone is interested I have a silver one (just like in the picture for sale) hmm lets say 20 kd, if anyone interested let me know.
    Sorry Z for kidnapping your comments but I have bluetooth now in my car and I dont need the headset anymore)

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