Popcorn A-100

Plays MPEG2, H.264, VC-1, and other Video storage in High Definition 1080p on your screen. You can stream all your video, audio, and photo content to your screen with the Popcorn A-100. It can play from different sources such as a PC, NAS, digital camer, USB mass storage device, internal HDD if you purchase it, and from Youtube, Google Video, and Metacafe.

Its a really nice small package which packs a punch and a reasonable price to boot, and I have wanted to try it out but it has been sometime they said they would ship the machines, its just a waiting game at this point.

Price: $179

Link: Popcornhour

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  1. Desmo

    As i recall you have a 4MB internet you should get this http://www.roku.com.

    Am using it.. its great it streams the movies from Netflex.. for $8 a month..it an open buffet.

    Its not to be used outside the US, but am sure you’ll find a way around like i did ;-)

  2. To get one you have to order and wait a few months till they tell you you can buy it

  3. Desmo

    wait !!! no wait i ordered it and got it within 10 days by Aramex

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