Review: Be Kind Rewind

A unique movie to say the least, I always know that Mos Def likes playing the odd roles here and there. Then there is Jack Black and Danny Glover, a cast that made for a unique combination. It revolves around the local video rental store that still had VHS tapes with no DVDs, and Mos Def was supposed to take care of it for a bit with Jack hanging around something was bound to happen. Its a very heart felt movie with some wacky comedy, you feel they are very genuine characters and things just play out. It isn’t the funniest movie, but it is very nice.

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  1. rashisha

    I Saw it tHis weekend and it made me want to get out there and film my own 20 Min Movies hehehe Are you up for it?

  2. I saw the previous for this movie, its not my type of movie

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