iPhone/iPod Touch: Disk Aid

The annoying part of the iPhone and iPod Touch is having to use iTunes to make any changes on it. But this piece of software helps resolve a lot of these issues. Turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into an external HD so you can drag and drop files into it, music, video, documents, pictures, anything. It doesn’t require Jailbreak to work with your iPod Touch/iPhone.

Link: Lifehacker

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  1. Peter

    Thanks so much for this piece of software. I was going to hand back this iPhone as my Sony Ericsson W950, is still a better phone than the iPhone. With the W950 I do not have to think. The iPhone is too restrictive.

    If Apple is going to sell the next generation of iPhones, they need to remove all the restrictions and open up the phone as the Sony Ericsson series of phones.

    Thanks again for Disk Aid. What will we do without those clever programmers.


  2. Great software. Very easy to use and works like a charm!

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