Quick Dubai Trip

Going with a friend for two days to Dubai to finish up a few things, it is a decent break but I really don’t feel like traveling. When you have been postponing something for sometime now, and then it just comes up that you have to take care of it. Too bad I have already seen all the movies that are currently in the theaters, so going to check out a few things while we are there. The thing its really humid at this time in Dubai, but at least the city isn’t too packed, I’m hoping it isn’t. And just before the flight getting a bite to eat at Pizza Express for lunch.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. have fun, you need a break zook! just chill out :)

  2. it is too busy there…
    nearly every single GCC citizen i know (yes not only kuwaities) is there right now :(
    enjoy it though…it will be a nice change of scenery nontheless :)

  3. I love Dubai…a lot!

  4. have a safe trip… enjoy it to the max

  5. Dubai is allllways packed! < coming from someone living there.

    Have a safe flight & enjoy your trip.

  6. jewaira

    You never know what delights might await you in Dubai.

    Destiny calling perhaps.


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