Slight Workout

Came back from work around 6:00 pm and I wanted to do something different, I was hungry but I felt like moving a little. I thought of going to the gym but instead I decided to go for a jog in Mishref, seeing all the people walking when I’m coming back from work, I thought to myself if they can do it then I can.

I started off in the middle section and turned right, it was around 47 C which did feel as bad as I thought. Then I started a light jog, and picked up the pace. I came to realization that this is a lot harder then it looks, and I am in horrible shape. I was laughing at myself and panting, running out of breath, I had nothing to eat all day, and I was thirsty as hell. This was a crazy idea, but I thought to stick it out.

Some stats off the top of my head:

  • Covered about 3.4 Km (The markings on the ground are great)
  • 20% Ran, 15% Jog, and 65% Walk. A lot of people were passing me and I thought this is embarrassing, and continued on my path while running out of breath between intervals
  • Took about 38 minutes, thank god for the water fountains to drink from they are a life saver

It felt good after I was done, but I needed a cold shower but the cold water ran out very quickly. I’m really out of shape and I need to get back in shape, and I’m a lot heavier then I remember.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Great work. Keep it up man ;)

    Wallah, shaja3tny.. I’m gonna start working out tomorrow inshallah.

  2. ahahah when you told me you were gonna go running I was like :O YOU RUN? hahahahaha

    im told it gets easier in time, practise zookie!

  3. need to get in shape too. realized i need an extra (not new) set of lungs when i went swimming the othet day.

  4. man,, it’s melting outside,, it’s dangerous to stay outside at this ambient temperature. u r running!!!! r u insane ?!

  5. Congratulations my friend ^_^ any attempt to get in shape is always a good thing, right! :p

  6. monichum

    i need to get in shape too . yala today we do it togather.

  7. jewaira

    good for you.
    sure you felt great at the end

  8. yay for you

    I felt much lighter after my 1st workout and it felt damn good

  9. Daddyz Girl

    Bravo Marzouq don’t forget warming up before the work out! Keep it up ;)

  10. monichum

    Mark this is so Guy. those arent Nat Legs there Zooq’s. lol

  11. Les

    Hey I have the same shoes and the same hairy legs!

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