NBK Capital – Blocking ZDistrict

I feels like early 2007 when I would get on the block list of some of the banks in Kuwait. It seems that some IT guys in the banks are getting too trigger happy with their content filtering hardware/software. I have clue what reason they would block a blog, I don’t think the content is offensive to anyone, but I do find it is a bit entertaining that they would even be bothered by my blog. Well, we shall see how long it takes to unblock my blog.

Thank you sender

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Man I hate blocking, its just too annoying. Well good luck on unblocking it ^^

  2. Halahal

    it says it’s blocking all “blogs and personal pages”…so i dont think it’s anything to do with your specific blog…

    i like this statement…
    “…unable to classify the business value of your request..”

  3. NBK treats employees like they are in a school .. fuck NBK and their show-off-like-they-are-professional attitude

  4. Yeah, in other words, “Dear staff, stop reading blogs and go back to work!”

  5. Desmo

    Well they did not block 248am.com!!!

    How could they …he takes care of their advertising creative ;-)

  6. meh … been there done that …

  7. SitCom

    now they can easily track who complains. All they need to check the logs with the time. who ever reported this provided too much of information risk his position.

    unless – WASTA STILL WORKS lawl

  8. It depends on the firewall/ proxy settings; in our case blogs that have .blogspot/ .wordpress in the URL are blocked while zdistrict, engadget etc are not ! :P

  9. jewaira

    This is not only particular to Kuwait but many work premises worldwide are blocking a variety of sites including blogs as a means to control what employees are doing on the net on the job

  10. sender

    You’re most welcome… and to your surprise, not all blogs are blocked… YET! I was able to surf 248am and some other ones. I could not open mine though :-(

    ZDistrict was also blocked by NBK… but I never thought NBK Capital will go this far with us LOL

    WTG on making it to the BLOCKED list Zouq :-P

  11. al9aleh

    In KFH all the personal pages are blocked , the firewall setting blocks pages by there category, like shopping , personal pages , music .. etc.

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