Popcorn Hour A-100

I placed an order for the Popcorn Hour after doing some research about it, seemed like a very interesting and intuitive product. Streams all kinds of media to the TV through the network, and you can install a hard drive in it you want. The difficult part is that this product is on back order, I placed my order a while back and forgot about it.

After a month and half I come back from work to find this box in my room, only to rip it open to find that its the Popcorn Hour A-100. It is very small, compact, and has all the outputs for a any type of TV, and the best part is that it plays 1080P videos. It can play from an internal hard drive, USB attached drive, a network storage, and media across a network. I have some testing to do on it, I have some very heavy 1080P movies to test on it, and see its capabilities from there I can tell if its really all its cracked up to be.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nice! Mabrouk, tell us how it performs.

  2. Yes please, performance test wanted… and enjoy it – mabrooks (as in congrats, LOL)!

  3. great! i was looking for it.. does it support youtube? i mean can i watch youtube movies with it?

  4. Yes please, performance report wanted! and congrats, enjoy it. It looks good.

  5. Abidulla


    In popcorn hour A-100, How do i connect to my receiver as i don’t see Coaxial/Digital on the backside.

    Would appreciate if you can email me on [email protected]

    Mohamed Abidulla
    Mobile: 00965-7212434

  6. Ahmad

    A friend of mine has the Mvix box and he swears by it. I also heard that the Tvix box is also good!

  7. Abidulla

    Can u please give me the link to user Manual.

  8. Looks pretty sleek, let us know how it goes and how much it set you back.

    I have the MVIX and that’s also pretty neat. Only problem is that my version doesn’t have support an external USB drive so I have to rely on the one inside and transfer all my files through USB (no wireless).

  9. waiting on ur review marzouq cuz i have the netgear eva8000 hd, but Video playback suddenly stops during payback many users have the same issue i hope the new firmware coming out this month would fix the problem

  10. I can’t get it to connect to my server .. youtube works tho.

  11. JORGE

    In popcorn hour A-100, How do i connect to my receiver as i don’t see Coaxial/Digital on the backside.

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