Broken A/C

The best part when going to sleep is the cold bed and room, I tend to like to sleep in freezing room. After the past weeks of dust storms the A/C got a bit clogged up, called the A/C guy and it turns out a lot of the parts weren’t working and need to be replaced. Took about a week to get all the parts and I was going nuts from the my warm room. If the bed gets warm then I can’t really sleep except if I’m tired. As soon as they fixed the A/C I could sleep normally again with the room slightly below freezing, doesn’t matter whats the temperature outside, I like the room freezing cold.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. loool…be careful, some of these indian guys that fix ur A/C will tell u that u have broken parts when they really aren’t!

  2. sleepingowl

    @kwt23, Indian guys? Don’t you mean A/C mechanics?

    Racist much?

  3. jewaira

    Hahaha I love the photo you put up
    And yes I like it cold no matter what the season.
    Thank God for A/C that’s all I can say

  4. Freezing is great when you don’t have problems to worry about, for some reason opening the windows in a clear day and letting the room get warm a bit and some fresh air makes me less worried about some problems and feel relaxed and less stressed.

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