My Moleskin Supply

I tend to use up my Moleskins over an average period of 4 to 5 months. Over the past few months I have had a tendency when stopping in either Dubai or London, I pick up a notebook or two. And now I have a good supply of different kinds of Moleskins. Even though they are now available in Kuwait, I do enjoy picking a moleskin up whenever stopping in a bookstore.

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  1. Where can I find them here? Jareer? Btw, is there really a book store in Avenues phase two? I think I spied one upstaires as I was shopping, but I am not sure cuz I never went to the second floor…It’s called something book, i think..

  2. do they come in agendas? i need the 2009-2010 :/

  3. Shai, could it by any chance be Borders? I remember there being speculation that it’d open up in the Avenues phase II.

  4. I love moleskin <3 I got half of the people in my department addicted to it.

    My mom thinks i’m crazy for buying a small notebook for 50+ dirhams, when I can get a fancier looking one for a cheaper price. I just find them different!

  5. Nah, it turned out it just sells magazines…borders? now that would have been sweet, but regardless it wouldnt be the same borders, trust me. it’ll end up just like virgin, prob.

  6. Is that Zerosiki? looking good. I recently watched Patlabor OVA, it was great but no robot action at all, i was surprised by that. They said jokes about Mazinger. “What do you think you’re driving? Mazinger?”

  7. Maha

    i have a fetish for notebooks and Moleskins are one of my favorites, am from the U.A.E so i get them from here. but you can also order them from

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