Gorillapod SLR

I have been looking for a suitable small and camera tripod that can be carried in  back pack without giving you too much pain after some time. After some search and recommendations I managed to find a Gorillapod on one of my quick trips. They had a normal one but after some searching we found the SLR version of the Gorillapod, which I think every photographer should have. It does look a bit strange but its extremely functional, can be used in different situations to get the perfect shot. It can be used both with an SLR and a normal camera because of the small adapter they have with it.

Price: 22 KD

Link: Amazon

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  1. this is great!!! I actually might get myself one :D

  2. Berserk-KW

    by the way, i went to that anime shop in re7ab yesterday
    they got a McFarlane toys version of Jack Bauer from your show 24 =P
    I think you should check it out!

  3. 7arakat, hahah, they look like friggin feet! The camera is posing!

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