Downloading Now 07/08

Every once in awhile I go through a huge downloading phase and I am at one of them. Most of these files range from 4 GB to 8 BG, and some a little more. I like having all the movies I do enjoy in 1080p, they are very clear and crisp, there just isn’t anything to substitute high quality movies. Now there is the issue of bandwidth and having enough to get all the material you want at one go.


  • Never Back Down DVDSCR
  • Casino Royal 1080p
  • Jumper 1080p
  • 10,000 BC 1080p
  • Stealth 1080p
  • Big Trouble in Little China
  • Diary of the Dead 720p
  • Sex And Death 101 720p
  • Cassandras Dream 720p
  • Drillbit Taylor 720p
  • College Road Trip 720p
  • Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow 1080p
  • Step Up 2 The Streets 1080p
  • Casino Royale 1080p
  • Get Smarts Bruce And Lloyd Out Of Control 720p


  • Soul Eater
  • D.GrayMan 52-90

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  1. a simple Q:
    from where do download ur .MKVs ?
    thank you

  2. mustafa

    why don’t you just buy the movies on DVD?

  3. Komsomol

    Half of those movies are really shit mind you. Really.

  4. my dear friend actually there is no blu-ray movies in q8 & there will not be until… i don’t know may be 2010.
    beside HD files like (mkv) r way better & more clearer than a DVD..
    any other Qs ;)

  5. DVLz

    Get Smarts Bruce And Lloyd Out Of Control 720p <– downloading this movie is a waste of time, my personal rating for this movie 2/10.

    It takes me 1 day to complete a 4.5GB file on a 512Kbps connection. I miss my 10Mb connection when I used to download a 4.5GB in 45 minutes.

  6. You’ve got casino royal 2 times, is it that good? =P Actually I think its pretty good, I’m d/l the 1080p as well.

  7. Stonecold

    You play the movies directly to your LCD?

  8. Mohammad

    Hey Marzouq what torrent site do you use

  9. okra

    I’m dying to know which site do you use to download movies?

  10. hussien


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