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Kubbar Trip

This was a bit of a hot weekend and going to Kubbar didn’t seem like a bad idea, I wanted to jump in some water too cool off. Took about 20 minutes to get things ready on the boat, and waiting for a few people before heading off to Kubbar. It was hot as hell on the deck, and I wanted to jump right into the water but the water in the Marina is somewhat disgusting so I opted out, instead I was rubbing ice cubes on my head which melted rather quickly.

We were pumping up the kid’s toys, and a small boat just before heading off. By the time everyone got there it was already a little late but we took off to Kubbar. My nephew wasn’t sitting too still in the beginning but later on he was standing watching everything going by and those large tankers, they are really big. Sitting with my camera in my hand ready to snap away, I was like to catalog the outings to Kubbar since its always a point of interest for people.

Around 25 minutes later we arrived and it looked like a parking spot all around it. I wish our government would take an initiative and fix the island up a little bit. Not necessarily setting something up but a little depot with some maintenance to make sure that the island remains clean and maintained.

The first spot we stopped had a very strong current, I jumped right into the water which felt amazing, but within seconds I was pulled at least 3 meters away from the boat and you could feel the current while swimming, I looked like I was stationary. We moved to another spot which was much better but lots of boats were around us, I managed to snap some pictures but it was getting hot and I wanted to remain in the water. The best part is eating watermelon while swimming, there is something about the mix of the sweet taste while you’ve been tasting salt water for that whole period.

It was refreshing, and music blaring from multiple directions and all different kinds. The best part is seeing so many people enjoying themselves.