Review: Never Back Down

Now this was a movie I was waiting for, the trailer showed a bunch of guys fighting. There wasn’t much that I needed more then that. Then there was Djimon Hounsou (The Guy from Amistad) and he was ripped, kicking ass left right and center. It is a very entertaining movie, with a good sound track, and very little brain functionality needed. Just watch and enjoy.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. suspic

    I bought a DVD that turned out to be “t9wer cinema”. Is a DVD rip out?

    It looks good, a bit like Fight Club without the plot. Or a plot, in general.

  2. Purgatory

    They are fighting over an Olson twin!!! wtf! this movie is perverted

  3. I watched that movie .. I loved it too

  4. i just finisher downloading it and cant wait to watch it :)

  5. i just finished downloading it and cant wait to watch it :)

  6. nolan

    awesome movie saw it over spring break

    cant wait for it to come out on dvd

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