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FTP and more

From the other day I just kept on downloading more and more, thinking that I wanted to make sure I had the full list of items I wanted to watch. From yesterday evening I was facing a problem, for some reason my FTP wasn’t connecting correctly, I tried it from another connection and it seemed fine. I check the firewall settings, restarted both router and switch, checked the program, and again checked the other connection.

I even asked to restart the remote server, but it seems nothing could solve the issue. I was looking at the screen frantically trying to figure out why I can’t get to my media, what the hell could be wrong. After 24 hours it just took one person to look at my FTP log to notice that I no longer have any space on my hard drives, they are majorly full. I did some organization, moving some files over, and now I’m getting rid of all my torrent files on my local computer since all my downloads will be through the server, and keeping the ratios very happy.