Bills Bills…

I decided to try to have a productive day at home, but I fell a bit short of my goal. I haven’t looked at the house books for about four months now, so I decided to clean things up a bit. When I started going through things, its a simple process, check the reciepts, check the totals, then check the items.

I never knew how much 5 Kgs of Kubbah cost, and the price of rice and chicken went up. The tedious process took a lot longer then I thought, so by the time I wanted to head out I only managed to finish two months. The one thing I always check is the number they enter at the Co-op, and sometimes they did enter a different number so that is something to check for, these clerks always try to cheat in someway.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yeah it is recommended to finish each month before moving the beginning of the next. Anyway that is pretty cool, I don’t do this.

    Never imagined the clerks would enter the wrong number on purpose!

  2. maryam

    still don’t get why you have house books! I guess we go by each keeps taps of their own spending

  3. not many people have house books, my mom used to work in a bank so she manages the house books. I manage my own account with a pretty nifty free software i got only for my Mac called cashbox, its pretty cool cause it gives diagrams for categories of stuff, so u can actually see where u are spending too much

  4. Nawara

    thats so so funny.

  5. jewaira

    The prices of many things have gone up. It’s crazy.

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