Review: Hancock

I always tend to go to Will Smith movies, and this is another block buster for him. He always pulls off these characters perfectly bringing his charisma to the character. He starts off being the bum of a superhero, and I didn’t even know Charlize Theron is in the movie and she is pretty hot. The story is an interesting twist on the normal, and Will Smith is the bum with super powers. He has to clean up his act and be a superhero, the story does get interesting for sure and the action just doesn’t stop. It is a great movie and worth watching, but in Kuwait I think I counted 13 to 16 times that it was cut, sometimes 2-3 seconds and sometimes 10 second cuts it was extremely annoying.

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  1. It was annoying but I honestly liked the movie. I think the cutting really messed it up for me. The thing in the end with the moon was too much too :l

  2. I agree the cuts were annoying i forgot to write about them, i did not understand how and why he “sneezed” up untill the next scene! where i knew in the line that will said: brothers and sisters don’t kiss like that!

    then i got the whole story, more importantly why did she become more amazing and more edgy with her clothing/ make up when she went to meet him lol, the producers/ director really made the best of her looks, i really think she is a beautiful woman

  3. jewaira

    If they are gonna censor the film then at least give us our money’s worth of watching – a discount or vouchers or whatever

  4. JoJo

    Did you know that Will Smith is the only actor in the history of holywood to have 8 consecitive block buster movies ( i.e. + 100 million in first week !!). This one specifically I did not like at all.

  5. i watched here in the states,, it’s a perfect movie

  6. Aliman

    I thought it was a great movie but was also very pissed off that they cut it up and sometimes it felt it was for small unnecessary things and thats what made it even more annoying, but the worst was when he sneezed and we had no idea what was happening!
    but all in all a good movie and dont understand why people were badmouthing it, I like a twisted superhero movie!

  7. maryam

    watched it .. loved Will … still don’t get the censoring … can’t wait for his next … I wonder if he’s willing to do Bad Boys III

  8. Abdulla

    Come on every body , the movie sucks and we all know it !!
    I’m just sick of pointless movies where stories lack
    creativity . Hancook is just a CGI presentation , nothing
    more , nothing less .

  9. Q8 In Denver

    this movie is interesting .. Honestly I wasn’t the most person who can’t wait to see it! but later and especially the last 2 months, the buzz started to rise so I thought it could be a lot more of what I think the movie would be. It didn’t. Will is Will. he’s great in most of his movies. like the idea but The story is a bit lacking. No main villain, from being a comedy movie then a jump to 180% Drama and serious! it didn’t work! I believe it’s a fun movie to watch but nothing memorable. BRING ON THE BEST SUMMER MOVIE “THE DARK KNIGHT” <— now that’s what I call a super hero movie :)

  10. I am just ganna wait for the DVD, but its on my “must watch” list

  11. The movie had too many twists for my liking, but it was a great movie non the less!
    all the scene cutting was annoying, but 3ady t3wadna !!

  12. elaly

    wasn’t too bad from a censorship standpoint in cairo, and apparently smith and theron hit it off of camera as well and yes he is still married haha

  13. I think it would have turned to be much better without the cuts. I mean, I really really wanted to watch the scene where Hancock sticks the guy’s head to other guy’s ass LOL.

    Regardless, it was a good movie…

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