Was Exhausting

10 to 12 hour work days were taking a toll on me the past week, and I have been stressed out as hell. Sometimes you just feel like things are going to explode, I get back home with enough time to eat one meal and pass out before the next day.  There were times I would go home to eat around 9:30 pm, eat lunch at 10:00 pm and be in bed by 10:40 pm, I was too tired to watch, type, or do anything at that point. Its good to have a relaxing weekend to re-engergize even when you have to come into work.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Allah y3eenik :/

    Bitawfeeq o allah ma3aak.

    Lol.. loving the pic.. it fits perfectly :p~

  2. Woah! 12 freakin hours. That’s quite a lot of work. I hope there’s a compensation for all that work (an employee of the month perhaps) or a nice big “3alawah”.

    Too bad the weekend has just come to its end. I now this sounds redundant but hang in there.

  3. I totally totally understand what you are going through because for the last couple of weeks I went through the same thing. It sucks to work all that time, and when you get home you’re even too tired to stay up with family, you look for your bed.

    Allah e3eeenik hopefully you’ll get a chance to relax soon.

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