Review: WALL-E

I always see every movie Pixar comes out with and this movie looked interesting. From the trailers, it seemed like there was no dialogue and the little robot reminded me of Short Circuit’s Johnny 5 from back in the 80s. So we decided to go see this movie on a Friday afernoon, and as we walked in the theater was 80% fill with kids, they were a little army of their own. The movie starts off as you get to know WALL-E and his situation, really funny character and nobody else in the world, he seems to be a pretty intelligent robot. As things move along another robot lands on the planet, and WALL-E is introduced to EVA. This leads WALL-E to the remaining human population. The movie is entertaining but it feels like the plots were not coherent, who doesn’t enjoy a little robot but it did feel like it was missing something.

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  1. hehe…i like the second pic..FUNNY :P … i want to watch Meet Dave though.

  2. sleepingowl

    Just 3/5? That is too less considering you rated Hancock higher! But, it is your opinion after all.

    I loved Wall-E, came out with a BIG smile on my face and still get one thinking about the hand-holding :)

  3. OMG that is one cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute picture in the end of the post! love it :D

  4. I love how they made what could have otherwise been a very regular looking rusty robot into something lovable….!!

    I think I definately want to watch this movie!

  5. Q80 In Denver

    Magical and Genuies film with a great msg ! Pixar has just set their new standard of animation movies. 8.5/10

  6. Yeah I still haven’t seen it either, but I’m kinda surprised by the rating and that made me want to watch it even more. All, I’ve been hearing and reading is just constant appraisal. I also love your Johnny 5 analogy. I shall check it out ASAP!

  7. I sooooo got to watch this movie the animations look so adorable

  8. Wall-E totally looks like the robot from “Short Circuit”… minus the cheesy 80’s style of course

  9. Bostie

    I liked the movie, but didn’t find the story incoherent.
    It’s 9,5 out of 10 for me, although I can’t think of anything to improve.
    It’s EVE (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) by the way, Wall-E just pronounces it EVA, because he can’t say EVE

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