Food At Last

After a long day at work I was happy to come home to stuff myself. It was one of those long days where you don’t get a chance to eat, and as soon as I got home I dived right in. It has been a long time since I had muchboos laham, and this tasted damn good. As soon I was done I wanted to pass out right in front of the TV, I did for little while before deciding to get up and head out for a change of venue.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. This looks really tasty…its 9 am and I already feel like having lunch.
    Do u know of any place that could serve the same dish?

  2. CereBral aSsAss1n

    it has begun…

  3. Welee yer7am waldaik 6aresh lena machboos baitkom… lana ya3ni… YUMMY!!! 3ajeeeb!! ANA MAYTA MEN EL YOOOOOOOOO3!!

  4. jewaira

    I can smell it..
    I can taste it…

  5. Purgatory

    you are the larry flint of food, those pictures!

    And this just came to me, does your family think you are odd for taking pictures of food from different angles before eating?

    NO NO! hold it! don’t touch it, chk, chk, yes baby, yes, chk.

  6. Pankaj Oberoi

    Wish i was your friend!!!

    Real tempting food.

  7. Ma sha’a Allah.. its been awhile without Machboos posts!
    bel3afia :)

  8. the best angle is the 3rd one – looks like he shoved a camera among the rice!


  9. LOL we missed those food posts hehe :P

  10. Ahhh yes, I remember the days that I used to drool on these kind of pictures. Now, they ain’t a thing for me. Huzzah! Take that Marzouq, your pics no longer possess my soul. Wahahahaha

  11. maryam

    those food-less days, sometimes I can’t wait to go home and eat so I have to grab something to shut me up on the road then home for the real thing or NOT ;p

  12. aaaaaaakh, machboos!

    seriously, t6areshly next time ?

  13. Haven’t had lunch yet and i really would like to have muchboos laham, can anyone recommend a place that serves it….i’ll wait 10 minutes for your answers

  14. GuY

    Marzouqs House..

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