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Review: Early Bird

K stumbled upon this breakfast place out in the middle of no where, I have no clue how he exactly found it but we decided to go to it in the early morning. It was during our 38 hour escapade, this is the main reason for staying up and watching movies. It would be very hard to get this many guys up early in the morning so we decided to stay up with a movie marathon, a few people passed out but by 5:30 am few people were waking up.

All I know is that they have pancakes and breakfast, open from 5 am, if worst comes to worst we had an alternative. I had no clue how to find it, but K had some directions. We flew there enjoying the empty highway, it took us about 20 minutes to get there and you don’t see it right away since its just off the road.

You walk in and the place seats about 12 people max, and we were 8 very hungry guys who showed up at there door step at 6:00 am. Its a very simple place, with a simple yet diverse breakfast menu, we ordered pretty much everything that was on the menu, scrambled eggs, breakfast sandwich, and all kinds of pancakes. There are only two people running the place and its open from 5 am to 3 pm 6 days a week except Sunday. We were all hungry, and you get this very homely feeling about the place, it just adds to the flavor. And I think I was the last person to get his food, but it just tasted better.

It was a great meal, I just wish the place was a little bit closer. We were full driving back but the empty roads were too tempting, if you like breakfast then you will love this place, its worth staying up all night just to eat breakfast there and passing out the next day.