Lufthansa Strikes

Over the past couple of days I had to return due to an emergency and my return ticket was through Lufthansa. When I came to make the booking, they found me a seat, but within 15 minutes I get a call notifying me that both flights out of San Francisco were canceled. It was due to the strikes taking place in Frankfurt, this is the first time that I have seen Lufthansa strike, I would expect from the British, Italian, and French but not the Germans. Never thought Lufthansa would strike and such bad timing. It was supposed to be a four day strike but took a little longer then expected, it seems they need to clean house or do something to solve this. I had to take another route to get back home to Kuwait, and it seems I was lucky to even get a seat since flights to Kuwait are pretty much booked up.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. They got a 5% raise yesterday, so all is back to normal now.
    Tough luck

  2. daddy Girl

    1st of all welcome back o 3atham allah ajrik o khatmat a7zankom inshalla.

    2nd dammmmn ib6al3at alroo7 7a9alt bookings & now they r striking?!!! i seriously have the worst luck ever :S

  3. Adrenaline: Don’t know how long that will last!

    Laialy: yup

    Daddy Girl: Thank, o Ajerna o Ajrich! Its just the bad timing really!

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