Review: The Dark Knight

There isn’t much more that can be said about this movie that has not been said. It did live up to the hype and more, a great story line, great actors, and the perfect combination of effects to bring out the darkness of gotham. I loved that they really used the tumbler in this movie to the fullest, and that motorcycle was insane. This time around I didn’t know what to expect from this movie, the best part is that it wasn’t just a Batman movie, it was a movie about the corruptable human soul. Christian Bale as usual did an amazing job as Batman, Heath Ledger portrayed the Joker as true insane mastermind, he bourght him across as not just evil but a really lunatic striving for chaos. I think the one who stole the show was Two Face, a character I wasn’t expecting even though I knew Harvey Dent was in this movie and he is Two Face. The only annoyance was that girl, they could have picked any other girl to play that role and she would have been better. The way it came about was unexpected and very surprising. I saw the movie twice in a normal theater, and once in IMAX and it is worth it seeing it IMAX. I don’t even know how they will be able to make a better Batman movie then this one.

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  1. Sushi

    Yeah the girl was so annoying! I wanted to punch her in the face. I’m glad you liked it. Definately worth the Imax!!!!

  2. maryam

    Best batman movie ever!! I loved every part of it and the fact that two face story line was embedded -I think you spoiled this for people who haven’t seen it ;)- I’m telling everyone to go watch it even if they don’t like these type of movies … because that is how good it is :)

  3. I don’t agree with you on everything … your ganna have to wait for my review :) but it was a good movie

  4. Heath Ledger was the real star of the movie. he played the joker role which was played before by Jack Nicholson who is the best actor of all times imo.. i was expecting a poor performance but i am amazed bcoz he out-performed jack being the joker,, the movie is worth watching more than once,, until now it’s the best movie i watched in 2008 but i don’t call it a BATMAN, it’s just something else

    everybody this is A MUST SEE movie

  5. One of the best movies of the year so far!

  6. damn i really need to watch this film.
    thanks for the review ^ – ^“

  7. Everyone had issues with the girl….!!

    But it was the best Batman movie! I loved it!

  8. mustafa

    want to see a magic trick? *Slams Head Into Table*

  9. okra

    I guess it’s just me.. I thought the movie was good.. not wow.. I think it made a big deal because Heath Ledger passed away.. a movie is always hyped when a co-star passes away.. just my opinion ;)

  10. This is probably the only superhero movie that I would nominate for an Oscar. It’s spectacular!!

    Oh and in my opinion, Heath Ledger’s Joker > Jack Jack Nicholson’s Joker, and I’m a big Nicholson fan.

  11. I beg to differ here. The title should have been The Killing Joke (not to be associated with the comic), because the true power of this movie is The Joker, not Batman. The plot was somewhat predictable. I really enjoyed the movie, though. But that delight came directly from Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker. Bale? Given short screen time as Bruce Wayne, I could barely assess him acting. I mean real acting, not making fake voices (I don’t see the point too in that). Eckhart’s face was too timid for his role as Two-Face. Maggie was not my favorite, but she was definitely better than Katie Holmes. Other supporting actors worth mentioning are Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, and Michael Caine.

  12. Q8 In Denver

    Awel Shay 7emdella 3ala el salama :) walah hagait ba6alt blogging faj’aa :p hehe I LOVED LOVED LOVED this movie .. The best movie of the year so far .. it’s without a doubt a very different comic book .. no cheesiness .. no playing dumb and fun like spidey .. it’s all dark, serious and very much more realistic than any other comic book .. Batman wasn’t the one to watch, it’s the joker hands down! The late Heath Ledger created a Maniac, Psycho and weirdly funny character that will be remembered as the best villain in comic book history.
    Marzouq, I think we went to this movie together without noticing :p I watched it twice, one in a normal movie theatre and one in a IMAX showing :p


  13. Sushi: I agree 100%

    maryam: yeah I agree, I think I spoiled it! lol

    Laialy: I disagree with your review! lol

    vampire: It was an unexpected movie that did wonders!

    eshda3wa: You should!

    N: yup!

    Un533N: No prob!

    Hamitaf La B: yup! amazing!

    mustafa: looooooooooool! that was good!

    okra: Even without Heath Ledger passing away I thought it was really good!

    Angelo: I have to say the same, he just out performed Nicholson.

    Angre: Different people had different opinions of the overall characters but amazing movie

    Q80 In Denver: Alah esalmik! Its worth watching that many times!! IMAX was just something else!

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