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Was On A Slight Hiatus

It has been about two to three weeks since I last updated this place! Didn’t mean to just stop and disappear but since I took off I haven’t even been around for a little while. I went to California a few weeks back to San Francisco to be exact for my friend’s wedding and other events involving him. I planned it out as much as possible and as soon as I landed the craziness began. It was a hell of a lot of fun, and there was so much to do I got very little sleep and a lot of organization. Got to see a lot of good friends and enjoyed time with them, and so many good steak places.

I cameback about a week earlier due to the passing away of a family member and it has been a shock to the family. There isn’t much that can be said other then a person has to be steadfast for the family. There are other things right now on my plate, and just trying to handle things the right way. Its hard when you want to help and you feel that you can’t really do anything but be there.