Gears Of War 2 Soon

Now this is a game I have been waiting for, I remember when Gears of War first came out, it blasted to the top. These are the games that sell consoles, good games are rare and this one is one of the best. They have improved XBox Live gaming, and introduced a few new features to the game which I can’t wait to play. Gears Of War is still ranked one of the most played Video Games on XBox Live. Now we just have to wait until November 7th 08 to get a copy.

Link: Kotaku

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  1. Hahaha, it is Tales of Vesperia that makes me wanting to buy an Xbox360 this instant (which is highly likely right now). I’m not saying that I won’t buy this game day one if I had a 360, but it definitely not a console seller for me. You probably knows me to well to be surprised with this confession :P

  2. KTDP: Same here

    The Talker: yup, its going to be great

    Angelo: I know the games that get you going! This is just a side game!

    zombie-commando: Its going to be damn good, I’m hoping for some cool characters! Nothing like Doom though!

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