More Kuwait Segregation

It seems there is a new bill passing in the parliament in Kuwait. It is now official that within the next few days a law will come to passing that all gyms have to be completely segregated. Now that the religious right has a majority in parliament they will be passing more of these kinds of laws which is very sad. It seems Kuwait keeps going backwards more everyday.

There are so many problems being faced in Kuwait, but they seem to be free enough to make ridiculous laws. We power and water issues in all the areas, our country’s infrastructure needs an overhaul, our medical services needs a major overhaul, our communication infrastructure is abysmal and no plans have been set forth to at least solve these issues over the coming period. It is very sad that we are in this state, and I wonder what else they are going to propose.

There are both mixed and segregated gyms available for people to choose from. So people do have the choice of either and it really isn’t an issue that I think parliament should be taking up.

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  1. I disagree with you on that… “Segregated gyms”…are the best tourist attractions ever, they are encouraging tourism by creating them ;-)

  2. okra

    I don’t blame the parliment, I blame the people who casted their votes :(

  3. Komsomol

    Why don’t we dismantle all the technology and go back to living in tents?

    I mean whats the point of modernity obviously everyone wants to go back to living in the 12th Century. I got my Lawrence of Arabia outfit ready.

    Am glad you are commenting on some concrete issues now Marzouq, its a welcome change of posts. I hope more will come as Kuwaitis needs to voice their views about the government more often.

  4. Zabo0o6a

    well, i can’t give a quite beneficial opinion regarding this issue !
    since i’ve crossed my way through goverment schools until college where we had mixed atmosphere but segregated classes.
    Nevertheless, i had around 3,4 mixed classes but it was awful since most of the dudes didn’t know how to handle female presence among them !
    But ti be honest , now when i left school i felt it impact on me since i don’t know how to work among a group of males :/

  5. ” There are both mixed and segregated gyms available for people to choose from. So people do have the choice of either and it really isn’t an issue that I think parliament should be taking up.”

    it’s never been about giving people the choice; it’s about taking it from them……..

  6. Im surprised that the Rawda’s in Kuwait are still mixed. But its only a matter of time really….

  7. What about families? What are they going to do about families that want to go to gyms together? I think they’re going way overboard with this issue.

  8. you didn’t mention how it will effect the universities

  9. Rania

    i don’t think u need to be working out with women or u simply won’t work out and vice versa yet i think they should focus on more real issues

  10. I’m not going to comment on this subject anymore. I’m too depressed to say anything really…

  11. Why are you all sad and depressed !?

    its not a big issue for me to not work out with women ! But am amazed why the parliament is wasting time and making from it a Priority !

    this is democracy , the majority of kuwait chose those Nowab for these kind of issues .

    that what 70% of kwuaitie ppl want. To sleep well knowing that there are NO MORE mixed Universities and gyms !

    The parliament is the mirror of the mob .

  12. I say… BULLSHIT!
    What a load of crap…

    Thank God I’m in the States… for 2 years.

  13. “those Nowab for these kind of issues .”

    nope. none of them mentioned gyms when they were in the running. In fact I doubt the word “gym” (or any arabic/english equivalent) came up.

  14. Rashisha

    Thats just messed up… its really sad actually.. i went to the clinic the other day cause i have not been feeling well and when i got in and less than 1 min later i was out.. i picked up the meds and left…

    i got home and chucked the meds in the trash.

    HOw can i trust what they are giving me if they dont even CHECK whats wrong with me?

  15. mar8adoosh

    one question.. who are the IDIOTS that chose those other idiots?

    ding ding ding —> majority of kuwaiti people !!
    Allah ysami7hum.. we’re turning into another country we all know of

  16. Let's segregate segregation

    Please do not despair. Having segregated gyms maybe a good
    thing if the local movers and shakers are hellbent on putting Kuwait firmly on the pink capitals of the world map.
    I think the Barliament are working overtime with the TEC in
    promoting eco-friendly gay tourism to go hand in hand with halal tourism :)
    Athough I have my doubts on how well this is going to go with the chaps from LA Fitness company who are thinking to
    have the largest LA Fitness gym outside the US, open in Kuwait City as early as fall 2008.

  17. The Conservative Liberal

    Forget it – the segregation issue’s a lost cause. They are not going to revoke it for love nor money. However, there’s something for women in Kuwait to be happy about – they might soon be getting their very own dedicated lanes on motorways and on sidewalks in the capital :)

    Come to think of it, getting women motorists to drive in express women only lanes will, indeed, be a good riddance for those men who actually, know how to drive.That will be a one-of-a-kind forward looking legislation, I think to come out of Kuwait, in a very long time :)

  18. okra

    I used to go to LA Fitness :)
    good old days :~(

  19. Adrenaline: lol! I wonder how that works out!

    okra: That is very true

    Komsomol: I tend not to talk about poltical topics too much because there are other blogs doing that and they are better at that

    Zabo0o6a: The option should be there, and they don’t learn to interact with each other from a young age so it becomes strange.

    KTDP: Very true

    Hamitaf: its sad

    N: That is the thing, what are families to do!

    Laialy: I have no clue how it will affect universities!

    Angelo: I can understand

    Laziale: Our mob are idiots, its sad!

    iRise: its sad really

    KTDP: true

    Rashisha: That is very true!

    mar8adoosh: very true

    Lets: I wonder how things are going to move along! Tourism is something they are trying to promote but not letting anyone into the country!

    The Conservative Lib: Two of everything!

    okra: yup

  20. Expatriate

    Eseentially, Kuwait is a democratic country. that is, the country is runed and decided by Kuwaitis. The citizens are the ones who selected the parliament members. It is the majority of the people in Kuwait who chose this segregation in Universities, private schools, and now in gyms. Whether I agree with this legislation or not is irrelevant. I accepted the democracy and I belong to the Kuwaiti society; thus I have to accept the outcome of the democracy. It is rather ironic how liberals in Kuwait complain of the demoracy when they were the biggest supporters of this democracy not too long ago.

    Backward or forward is nothing but a personal opinion and perspective. What one may find backward movement, another see it as a very forward-looking acceleration. Take the segregation at Kuwait University: you have the national uniton o kuwaiti students, led by conservative parties that won by more than 51% of total votes, and the parliament members of which the VAST MAJORITY voted with the segregation in colleges and universities.

  21. Fahed

    yeah, it would be a great tourist attraction if u were coming from saudi arabia or iran!!!

  22. People need to go out and vote to create the difference they want to see. When one says i’m not into politics, so I am not in the know of whom to vote for and therefore cannot vote. They are simply handing over all policies to the other side.

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