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More Kuwait Segregation

It seems there is a new bill passing in the parliament in Kuwait. It is now official that within the next few days a law will come to passing that all gyms have to be completely segregated. Now that the religious right has a majority in parliament they will be passing more of these kinds of laws which is very sad. It seems Kuwait keeps going backwards more everyday.

There are so many problems being faced in Kuwait, but they seem to be free enough to make ridiculous laws. We power and water issues in all the areas, our country’s infrastructure needs an overhaul, our medical services needs a major overhaul, our communication infrastructure is abysmal and no plans have been set forth to at least solve these issues over the coming period. It is very sad that we are in this state, and I wonder what else they are going to propose.

There are both mixed and segregated gyms available for people to choose from. So people do have the choice of either and it really isn’t an issue that I think parliament should be taking up.

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