Review: Hellboy II: The Golden Army

I loved the first Hellboy movie in 2004, so when Hellboy The Golden Army was to be released I was looking forward to it for some time. Humans and magical creatures have had a truce for centuries and there are some magical beings that want to break that truce and to destroy the humans, and his tool will be The Golden Army. Hellboy has to figure out what is going on and try to stop him. The best part is that Hellboy is indifferent about everything and he just wants to kick ass and show humans that he exists. The story line is very interesting, and the best part is that there is also another story in development in the sequel for Hellboy and the characters and feel fit perfectly. A good fantasy movie and the best part is that there is a sequel coming out, but hopefully sooner then four years later like this one.

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  1. I saw the trailer and damn it looked good! Dunno if I should go see it here, or wait for the DVD to come out..

  2. I watched the first hell boy and it didn’t impress me much. Therefore I am ganna pass on this one

  3. maryam

    I watched the first one and it was OK, but all is raving about this sequel. I’m waiting for it, I think within two weeks it’s going to be here … so how come you watched it ??

  4. Q8 In Denver

    When I saw the first one, I thought that something’s missing .. I don’t know what but there was something wrong with that movie .. Oh yeah, it wasn’t taken seriously! I get it but it was too much for the first one .. Then came the second one and I promised to give it a second chance because I love Guillermo del toro work before doing hollywood movies .. so I wished it would be better .. and WOW ! The movie took us to a ride that it was a bit deeper than I thought! This movie was a test for Hellboy director Guillermo Del Toro before taking the director seat for THE HOBBIT, the period before Lord of the rings and he nailed it! :)


  5. The best part is that Hellboy is indifferent about everything and he just wants to kick ass <<— this what makes the movie hilarious to me

  6. N: I think you should wait for it, just in case if they butcher the devil and all that!

    Laialy: hmmm.. your not a sci-fi fan!

    maryam: I think the sequel was a bit better!

    Q8 In Denver: I agree, it was different and enjoyable!

    vampire: Exactly!!!

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