The Canon 40D

Now this was something I was not expecting, I have had my Canon Rebel XT for about four+ years now and it has been fantastic. I still think that I haven’t even gotten 50% of the capabilities of this camera. One of my firends knows how much I love to take pictures, I tend to carry a camera with me anywhere I go and I always take pictures where I ago, snapping away like some paparazzi. So for my birthday he decided to get me a camera, and his brother knows camera pretty well and so he recommend this camera. I won’t say that I wasn’t excited when I saw it, and I wanted to try it out right away. It is huge in comparison to my Rebel XT, I’m happy that all my lenses fit perfectly, but I haven’t really used it at all yet since I want to take my time with it. It looks confusing as hell with all those buttons and dials, but I think I can figure it out in due time and like any man I will not be opening the manual but instead I will stubbornly wing it. Then after trying everything I will open the manual.

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  1. Congratulations!

    I also went from the Rebel XT to the 40D and it has been a very nice upgrade. The size difference is shocking at first but you’ll get used to it.

    One of my favorite features in the 40D is the Auto ISO where the value is dynamic and does not need to be set for every photo!

  2. Abdullah

    Mabrokeen ;)

  3. Mabrook Marzouq!!

    If you want to get rid of your old Canon camera (even though you love it so much), I’m always here to take it from your hand :P

    No seriously, make sure to snap as much photos as possible. I’m kinda impressed with your Flickr account, very well-captured shots.

  4. Mabrook dude, etkaser’ha bl 3afya :)

  5. Zabo0o6a

    Man i feel jealous !
    3alaik bel3afya dear :)

  6. AL

    Happy Belated Birthday Mabrook!!

    If anyone is looking for a good entry-level dSLR camera then go for a Canon EOS 1000D!

    Its the best!! AAH!

  7. Laialy: Thanks!

    Ahmad: Thanks, that info is helpful and does get some getting used to!

    Abdullah: Thanks!

    KTDP: Thanks buddy!

    Angelo: Thanks man, but I love my Rebel XT! I’m trying to snap away, but not yet.

    Jacqui: Thanks! Alah e3afeech!!

    Zabo0o6a: Alah e3afeech! :)

    AL: Its a good camera, but the 40D is something a bit more advanced and I think the Rebel is a good starting camera!

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