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The Canon 40D

Now this was something I was not expecting, I have had my Canon Rebel XT for about four+ years now and it has been fantastic. I still think that I haven’t even gotten 50% of the capabilities of this camera. One of my firends knows how much I love to take pictures, I tend to carry a camera with me anywhere I go and I always take pictures where I ago, snapping away like some paparazzi. So for my birthday he decided to get me a camera, and his brother knows camera pretty well and so he recommend this camera. I won’t say that I wasn’t excited when I saw it, and I wanted to try it out right away. It is huge in comparison to my Rebel XT, I’m happy that all my lenses fit perfectly, but I haven’t really used it at all yet since I want to take my time with it. It looks confusing as hell with all those buttons and dials, but I think I can figure it out in due time and like any man I will not be opening the manual but instead I will stubbornly wing it. Then after trying everything I will open the manual.