Atlantis The Palms

Now this has been a long awaited hotel since the anouncement of the Palms being built. A huge hotel on the seaside at the peak of the Palm property. Its going to open on the 24th of September and the hotel is all booked up. If you are unsure about where to stay in Dubai, this is definitely the place to start.There is going to be a huge rush for this hotel after Ramadan and its probably going to be filled for a while, an attraction on its own with the huge water park next to it and dolphin filled pool.

  • Atlantis Room – 45 sqm – 201 KD
  • Imperial Club – 45 sqm on VIP Floor – 262 KD
  • Executive Suite – 101 sqm Corner of Each Tower Wing – 343 KD
  • Terrace Suite – 94 sqm and 30 sqm Balcony – 421 KD
  • Regal Suite – 164 sqm on Floors 4 – 21 – Private Pantry, Living Room, Dining Room – 511 KD

Link: Atlantis

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  1. btw you should mention it’s in Dubai not Kuwait loool

  2. Lama

    I am looking forward to check the water park :)

    Thank for the post :)

  3. Ananyah: yup very hawt, whoever thinks this is in Kuwait is sadly mistaken!

    Lama: no prob, the water park seems fantastic! I’m looking forward to it too!

  4. ar53nal14

    201KD? Or 20KD?! That’s too much for a normal room! I just hope that anyone can visit the water park, even if you’re not a guest at the hotel.

  5. I still can’t develop a taste for such fake, man made paradises, why should you go there when you can go to Italy, Greece or Portugal, and experience the real thing..what about the weather have they faked that as well?

  6. dimps

    nice but looks exactly like the one in hawaii (cant recall the hotel’s name )

    what i dont understand is :if u have the money why copy other pplz work? i just don’t get it..laziness or lack of imagination?

  7. ar53nal14:It has become a bit of a norm in pricing for hotels in Dubai. Anyone can visit the waterpark from what I can tell.

    Adrenaline: They are trying to tweak the weather a bit these days, but I think it will have a fun waterpark and a nice seaside!

    dimps: No clue what the hawaii hotel is, maybe they had something in mind.

    Jewaira: yup! :D

  8. mayari


    You really think they will pay billions on something copied? Do you really think they will spend all this amount of money, and all the publicity the place got to be a carbon copy of another project? Sheikha Mohammed doesn’t allow that…
    The Atlantis is a big chain of hotels in renowned hot islands such as the Bahamas. The hotel is known to have different type of activities for the kids and fmailies. As for the design, it is not copied their aim was to create an Atlantian themed resort destination on the Palm.
    As for the activities, and dining it has is all ONE OF A KIND. :)
    Please kindly grace us and visit our website and list all the rooms and the activities the hotel has, and perhaps you might realize the place is like no other. I’m serious!

    Trust me … We (Nakheel) do not copy, we inspire!

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