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French Coffee Incident

I was in France just recently for a few days to take care of few things. Not really wanting to spend more time then necessary there. I have to say it is quite beautiful and this time it wasn’t Paris. But not unusual to my luck in France something embarrassing tends happen to me in this country, and this time it was my fault. I’m sitting at the table with a some family and they are ordering coffee and other items, I decided to order some coffee for once in my life even though I’m not really a fan. There is one kind of coffee that I tend to like in Kuwait, and its called French Coffee, so I ask for French Coffee. Both my family and the waitress gave me the strangest look, I felt very strange and that 10 seconds felt like 10 minutes so I asked again and she said there is no such thing. I quickly order something else and my family tell me why did I order something that I never had before, I tried explaining myself but it did no good the damage was done. It turns out that French Coffee is a mixture that has been made up in Kuwait or the Gulf and thats about it. Just my luck the one time I order a coffee I remotely like it turns out its not available anywhere but in Kuwait and in all the places to ask for it I decided to ask in France.