Review: Wanted

A mundane office worker watching life pass him by not really doing anything. Until one day he finds out that the daily migraines he has are an ability to focus beyond human capability, turning him into an elite assassin. A pretty interesting storyline and how they build it up, the action is non-stop as soon as things start kicking up. Its an interesting story with a character you really don’t expect, and Angelina Jolie plays the perfect role, killing people and looking good.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. الفلم اكشن وممتع ، لكن اقدر اسميه “هندي امريكي” ، ما عجبتني قصته كلش

  2. Corolla Man (AE86)

    I wasted my time watching the movie.

  3. lfc-q8

    yeah the best thing now is that u can take a shot and make it curve and bend as u like

  4. maryam

    I liked the action scenes, especially with the cars. You gotta give it to the stunt creator, coordinator and executor.

  5. Yeah, i kinda felt like i was watching another matrix movie to be honest… i did enjoy watching Jamed McAvoy though ;o)

  6. I need to watch this movie. The lead actor (can’t remember his name) impressed me in Atonement so I am wondering if he did as good as a job here

  7. Q8 In Denver

    Didn’t like it at all! Bad Bad Bad “JamBeza” movie :p


  8. The Talker: I liked the story, it was a bit different!

    Corolla Man: really, didn’t think it was bad!

    lfc-q8: That does take some skill!

    maryam: They did have some good stunts!

    Bavaud: James McAvoy was an odd choice, but a good one and its no where near the Matrix!

    Laialy: You will like it!

    Q8 Denver: lol!

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