Heathrow Stop

I have been tired form the last few quick trips over the last couple of weeks. It was a quick stop in London then back again, so I was flying through a few times. The best thing I like to do is sit next to the Window and watch the planes come and go. British Airways have not been the best airlines over the past couple of years but they are still pretty good, everyone seems to have a horror story these days flying on an airline and I can’t blame them. Going through terminal 5 was very confusing, it was built to be like a maze with a million escalators, I have never went up and down so many times just to find the way out of the airport. And Terminal 1 looks like an after thought, I was just happy they had some food since I was hungry. Still seeing the colors of British Airways on those planes just feels very nice, I love taking pictures of them, but one time I would like to take pictures directly from the runway if I could to get the majestic look of these planes.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Purgatory

    They let you take pics in heathrow of airplanes? You must have dyed your hair blond and wore sandles.

  2. Purgatory- I was just thinking the same thing…….Marzouq, have you seen
    ‘The Axis of Evil Tour’…….you are soooooo lucky!!!!
    These look like an Al Qaeda Day Trip Photo Log…………..

  3. mashalla the pictures are pretty clear, I always find it difficult snapping pictures because of the window and sometimes they get so dirty at the airport

  4. jewaira

    Touch wood Purgatory I think Marzouq has an invisibility cloak…to take so many photos…or else he has a charming smile :P

    Nice photos Marzouq

  5. breeze

    It is allowed to take pictures, yet not near the passport check desks.

    I myself took alot of pictures and videos, inside terminal 5, while taxiing, take off, approach, and took pix of the runways.

  6. Purg: Just snapped away, no body really said anything! Usually bald head and jeans!

    teach: loooooool!

    Amu: Thanks!

    Laialy: This time it was really clean, so I snapped away!

    jewaira: Thank you! I’m completely lacking any charm what so ever!

    breeze: I like to take lots of pictures as well! But when I was leaving Terminal 5 I didn’t have that much time!

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