Tristar Service Center

I was planning on riding Friday night, so I went downstairs to get on Pyro. Things looked good and the biked fired right up even after 1.5 months of remaining stationary. So I put it into gear and it jumped as if I wasn’t holding the clutch, it was strange. After a few tries and that didn’t work, so I parked Pyro and decided to go out on Robo.

Started that beast and all I got was a hiss, the battery was dead. What a start to riding, so I texted the Tristar Mechanic asking him if he could take a look at both bikes these week. Saturday morning at 8:15 am while I was asleep, I get a call from the Driver at Tristar saying he will be here in 15 minutes to pick up both bikes which surprised me. They took both bikes in the morning and I passed by their workshop. I was very surprised and very happy to see such a nice garage. I think my garage is pretty nice, but they have tiled floors, five areas to work on bikes, a nice waiting area, and all the machines organized. Its very nice seeing these beautiful machines treated like this. I went home around 12:30 pm and the bikes showed up around 2:45 pm which is fantastic. They replaced Robo’s battery and replaced a clutch piece, turns out the times I was cleaning the bike water was going into the housing because its open, I just have to make sure to cover it when I clean it up.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Next time you wash it just start it up after you wash it rev it up a couple of times then lean it a bit so all the water comes out from the clutch, that should do it.

    I have the same on my Duc and had no problems, oh and don’t ride after 5am i made that mistake on Friday ;-)

  2. that’s my old 695 parked next to your K1200R


    And good service

  4. vampire:
    Thats what I thought .. then Marzouq told me you changed the mirrors (it had the rabbit ones).

  5. JoJo

    Nice to know of the TriStar workshop & service.

    Here is a story of mine this week.

    I took my Wnet Router to Watanyia as it was not working.The receptionist took it inside & came out after 10 minutes saying it is out of order !! So I told him OK but please fix it,,,,The Answer ?? Sorry we do not have a workshop to fix anything !! & I have to buy another one from them as the only supplier for KD 124 !!

    I am greatly pissed off & taking the issue up with higher management,,,if no use then to Cunsumer Protection Agency & if no use then to one of the newspapers. Any reader has the same experience please let us join forces.

  6. K.TheKuwaiti,, actually when i changed my bike i took the mirrors and installed it in the new one ;)

  7. DucatiThrust

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why do you name your bikes?
    Did you adopt this ethic from the State?

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