TSA – Laptop Bags

If you thought traveling in the US was annoying before then this will be interesting to know. The have new “guidelines” applying to the type of laptop bag you should use to make it “scanner friendly”. And another note on top of that is that they have the right to go through the data on your laptop to make sure its “safe”. So you have pretty much lost all your privacy for the sake of security. If they do find copied data such as movies or tv or anything else they decided it is dangerous. They just keep making more and more rules that are nothing short of ridiculous, they will just take your laptop out of the bag in the first place.

(Thanks nibaq)

Link: TSA

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    It’s ridiculous. Less privacy wherever you go now.

  3. okra

    what if they found pirated movies and songs?
    this is terrible :o

  4. Ok , that means that i have to transfer all my downloaded movies , music in my network drive in kuwait before i travel to the US . and leave only office work sheets and couple of pictures !

    I mean searching my files and data by someone who is always suspecting something bad from you !! thats scary !

  5. okra

    yeah.. I believe it’s arabs only..
    unfortuantely we will always be the suspect.. no matter what :(

  6. WTF!! thanks for uploading this so we could know!

  7. Tim

    What’s the fuss about? If you don’t want to use the new bags, you can still take your laptop out like before. And if anyone thinks airport security is going to spend their time looking for pirated mp3s, they haven’t traveled by plane in a while.


  8. vampire: very!

    Jewaira: Its just getting worse!

    okra: They will do something about it!

    iLsuL6ana: I bet its *random*

    Laziale: Put it on an external drive in a hidden folder and encrypt it!

    Laialy: ridiculous!

    okra: yup!

    kwt23: no prob!

    Tim: Its a little bit more to it then that, the rules just keep getting more and more ridiculous!

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