Pininfarina Xten

If there is a chair to complement a Ferrari then this would be it. This is designed by Pininfarina, the same people who designed the Enzo Ferrari.Its made of material meant to reduce fatigue by 60% and sucks moisture away so to keep you comfortable.It cost $1.5 million to develop this chair but they are selling it for $3000 a piece.

Link: Dvice

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  1. jewaira

    At that price, it had better do what it’s supposed to do!

  2. it’s only a chair!!! want to absorb moisture, sit on a TOWEL :p

  3. jasmin

    ei the herman miller chair is actually its deadringer…our company is sole distributor of this kind of chair..have u heard about it?

  4. Adrenaline: I remember one that looked really cool!

    jewaira: I hope so!

    Laialy: hahaha!

    jasim: yup, the herman miller chair is pretty nice but also a bit over priced!

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