Review: The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

There was a lot of hype revolving this release of The Mummy, and I thought it would be interesting. At this rate sort of have the storyline down, monster comes alive, Brandon has to find a way to kill monster, the end. So I thought they had to have a slightly different approach to keep things interesting. I was wrong, it felt like it wasn’t put together correctly, it doesn’t flow well and you don’t know all the characters as you get to know them before. And I thought Jet Li had a bigger role, but not enough martial arts. I wouldn’t go to this movie if you haven’t seen it, there are better ones out there.

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  1. I didnt like it…. no element of surprise. It was all predictable and I lost interest half way through the movie

  2. okra

    I thought it was ok.. it wasn’t bad.. just ok..
    I believe average is the correct word

  3. jewaira


  4. i haven’t watch the mummy movies, but i’ve been on the mummy ride at Universal Studios and it is MAJOR fun

  5. Ansam: yup!

    okra: maybe, just a little lower!

    jewaira: below average! hehehe

    Laialy: its been years since I have ridden that ride! lol

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